About us

Life Gate Inc. operates for more than 15 years - formerly known as the Dr. Blumer & Partner Consulting Inc. - very successfully in the financial sector. Life Gate is part of the Dr. Blumer & Partner Group, to which also the B & P Asset Management Inc. and the B & P Asset Management Inc. belong. Due to the meanwhile 20-year experience of the Dr. Blumer & Partner Group in the financial sector, Life Gate is in a position to offer customers a professional and comprehensive financial planning. Thus Life Gate provides perfect conditions, to accompany you competently in financial matters through your life. Our clear goal is to advise our customers with integrity and professionally and to offer optimal solutions for your needs.

Life Gate advises and coaches not only customers. We also offer performance-oriented characters the opportunity to build up their own career in the financial services sector. Since such activity is self-dependent, each collaborator determines himself, how quickly he proceeds in his career and in particular how successful he will be.